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Handles - EVO G2 Speed Rope

Handles - EVO G2 Speed Rope

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This is only the handles. The complete rope with cable is available as "EVO G2 Speed Rope with [Colour] Cable"

EVO G2 Speed Rope proves you can take perfection and make it even a little better. Strategic refinements of the EVO G1 produces a speed rope in a class all its own.  Slight adjustment of the pinch point silhouette and the addition of diamond knurling provides fingertip control and improved accuracy. The internal assembly bolt and head unit were completely redesigned to further bolster the EVO’s unmatched reliability and durability. The patented dual bearing swivel assembly continues to provide industry smashing speed and responsiveness.  The custom carry case is the perfect holster for the tactical matte black EVO G2. Includes an RXSG patch.

Each EVO G2 handle is machined on one of the most advanced CNC machines from a solid piece of aerospace grade aluminum. It is then anodized for a corrosion resistant finish. The handles are carefully assembled with the tactile traction bands and the patent pending low tolerance frictionless dual-swivel bearing system. Finally, each rope is inspected and tested for quality and performance.

The EVO Speed Rope is 100% made in the USA and assembled in the RXSG factory in El Cajon, California.

Each EVO G2 Speed Rope handles includes black traction bands, and a customized EVO carrying case. This does not include the cable. 

Due to the anodizing process the Matte Black shade varies with each batch.

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