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Frēvo Freestyle Jump Rope

Frēvo Freestyle Jump Rope

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Frēvo includes all 3 different cords, one pair of handles, and a custom marry case with patch!

All 3 cords come at a set length of 10' so you can size the rope to fit you at home.

The all new Frēvo jump rope is made of a high impact polypropylene polymer that can withstand a 50-pound dumbbell impact. The tapered handles are feather light and provide a sleep yet grippy contour with 2 knurling textured pinch points and 6 silicone traction bands per handle.

The Frēvo jump rope does what no other freestyle rope has ever done by offering 2 high speed precision bearings per handle that produces lightning-fast rotations and silky-smooth transitions.

The Frēvo doesn’t stop there. Every Frēvo comes with 3 cords! A 3 oz coated fitness cable, a 4.5mm freestyle pvc cord and the time-tested beaded rope all packed up in a custom zipper carry case with Velcro front for your favorite patches.

Try out a Frēvo today and take your freestyle game to another level.

(*some assembly required)
(beaded rope arrives unassembled allowing you to design your own pattern. If the rope is hard to thread through beads heat up end of string and twist to a point) 



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