Collection: RapidFit 2.0



Because your fitness deserves versatility the new and improved RapidFit 2.0 will help you bridge the gap to your health and fitness goals. It’s true that one size doesn’t fit all, but ONE JUMP ROPE CAN FIT ALL SIZES! 

The RapidFit 2.0 is the perfect jump rope for everyone from beginner to advanced. Beginners need adjustability to refine their technique while advanced jumpers need adjustability to pull off those tricky skills. The RapidFit 2.0’s proprietary adjustment system can fit a 7 foot tall NBA star all the way down to the seven-year-old star of the playground. The 3.4 oz cable is the perfect weight for both learning and training skills. 

Patented Adjustable RapidFit System:You can stop tripping up with RapidFit’s new proprietary cable locking system.  Feel the rope nipping at your heels? No worries, you change the length at the push of a button. Need an extra couple of inches? 5 inches? How about 8 inches? No problem, it’s done in seconds without skipping a beat.

Reinforced Design for Durability: We know you’re tough on your training which means you’re tough on your gear.  The RapidFit 2.0 jump rope received design upgrades to its internal stem assembly, providing increased durability and strength to withstand even the toughest workouts.

Grippy Ergonomic Handles:You'll enjoy effortless spin from the high speed dual bearings while the 7” long tapered handles are just what you need to pull off those tricky crossover maneuvers. 

New Custom Case:Pack up your RapidFit 2.0 and take it anywhere in the new custom zipper carry case. The sleek and compact design makes your RapidFit 2.0 more portable so you can squeeze your sweat sesh into your busy schedule. Don’t forget to show off your favorite patches on the velcro front cover. 

Invest in your fitness journey and start smashing your fitness goals with the RXSG RapidFit 2.0 jump rope.

*Max length of the RapidFit is 9'6"